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The 6th world internet conference Giant Guide Household Appliance Industry

Although this year's world internet conference has been closed, the inspiration for the future transformation of China's home appliance industry has only just begun.  How to use Internet thinking to accelerate the transformation of China's household appliance industry is a question that the entire household appliance industry must consider next.  What new ideas did Li Yanhong, Ma Huateng, Lei Jun, Zhou Hongyi, Zhang Chaoyang, Zhao Ming, Hu Yu, Zhang Yong, Ding Lei, etc. share in world internet conference this year?  What new thoughts and lessons will China's household appliance industry, which is seeking change, bring?

Lei Jun, chairman and ceo of Xiaomi and a "down-to-earth" Lei Jun, came to Wuzhen to talk about the most popular 5g. He even personally tested the 5g speed of Wuzhen.  Lei Jun said, "5g is a big thing for the communication industry. It is not only a huge opportunity, but also a huge challenge and risk.  Our attitude is optimistic. "  Lei Jun revealed that Xiaomi plans to launch more than 10 5g handsets next year, covering all mid-and high-end prices.  At the same time, he believes that the value of 5g is not only to make communication faster, but also to support it and ai, so that the Internet of Things can truly become the next generation of super Internet and carry the infrastructure of digital economy.  The development direction of the Internet will be the next generation of super Internet composed of "ai+iot" under the blessing of 5g. Facing this historic tuyere, entrepreneurs should have the power and meticulous dancing of elephants and have correct value judgment.

Li yanhong, chairman and ceo of Baidu founder, talked about "intelligent economy" in his speech.  Li Yanhong said that the digital economy is evolving into a new stage of intelligent economy with artificial intelligence as the core driving force after experiencing the three stages of the invention and popularization of pc, pc Internet and mobile Internet. The intelligent economy will be the core engine driving the global economy upward again.  Li Yanhong believes that the development of intelligent economy will bring about changes in the way people interact.  In the next 20 years, people's dependence on mobile phones will decrease. Correspondingly, smart speakers, wearable devices and other smart terminals will go beyond the scope of mobile phones and change the form of applications and services.

With the development of digital technology and digital economy, Zhou Hongyi, chairman and ceo of 360 Company, has more and more loopholes in various software. The entire network security is facing all unprecedented threats, which may be no less than nuclear weapons.  The essence of security should be offensive and defensive warfare. Security must be understood from the perspective of offensive and defensive. The opponents of security are not peers, but virus Trojan hackers, network security hackers or some network attack force from the country.

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